Fix for corrupt download



I’ve found a way to solve the corrupt download issue that I had for at least a year now. Please tell me if it works for you as well.

  1. Go into CS:GO and download the demo for the match, it should say corrupt download and doesn’t allow you to do so. Do NOT click on delete and just leave it as it is.
  2. Go into your CS:GO replays folder. OS(C:) -> Program Files(x86)/Program Files -> steam -> steamapps -> common -> Counter-Strike Global Offensive -> csgo -> replays
    There you’ll see all your replays(.dem & .info files) look for the most recent .info file(this will be the file of the match that you’ve downloaded in part 1).
  3. Go to your steam profile -> Games (NOT games library) -> Look for CS:GO -> Personal Game Data -> Competitive Matches
    From there, look for the match you’re trying to download and click on ‘download GOTV replay’ It should open a steam tab. If nothing happens after it opening, copy the link and paste onto Chrome and it should download a file. The file should contain a .dem file.
  4. Paste that .dem file into the replays folder(done in part 2)
  5. Copy the name of the .info file done in part 2 and rename the .dem file(part 4) with it ending with .dem without .info
    e.g match730_003283839437976371367_2106374538_153.dem
  6. You should be able to view your demo in CS:GO now.