First time queueing for a tournament


i went to page approx. 1 hour before and entered solo queue. I got put into multiple teams, that kept disbanding with the same people abandoning party over and over again, so i had to stay at the computer to accept all the team requests.

when the tournament started I had my team disbanded a few minutes before and it started without me. wtf is that about? why don’t you get ban time like for normal queue? if you disband a team you shouldn’t be able to be placed with any member of the team you abandoned again… this is really frustrating spending an hour just to be told off by some idiots that want a teammate with better ranking or w/e. shitty tournament setup faceit.

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I agree with that. There should be an option to actually mute/block people that ruin the tournaents by constantly quueing until there are just a few seconds left and then they disband the teams almost instantly.
Ive lost a lot of tournament entries due to that and that was one of a very few reasons i ragequit from faceit a while ago but got back due to… psst want some faceit? Its fre the first time and then youll come back. am you faceit addiciton <3