First game - Horrible



So I decided to try out some faceit, to actually have teammates who actually know how to play csgo. Well, that never happened, I got ranked with an afk person and two of my teammates were constantly insisting that they block the doors. I gave up trying and just left the game in the third round. Thanks to this, I’ve learned to never use faceit again. Let’s all use this advice.



Are you referring to the free queue ?

Either way, try the premium queue more likely to end up with more serious people along with anti-cheat.


Aw come on man, you cant judge the platform by One lousy team?
In my 1000+ games on FACEIT i’ve almost never encountered people that intentionally block or throw games (except the few people that scream “GG we suck” when its a 5-10 “loss”.

Keep playing and you will see how much more fun it is when you have found teams and /or Hubs where you meet likeminded people

Ask me and i I can guide you to some nice friendly Hubs and Teams so that you dont meet players like that.

Or try to join the FaceIT Discord and try to meet people to play with there


For sure the premium queue is better because we pay, so the support can make more for that, But thats not what we need, Some ppl want to play free, but when the Admins, supports etc. Nothing doing will the “free 5v5” on this side just broke the Game, its like cs go nobody cares about the hackers but about the money, Its everywhere the same, Horrible.


agree 100% faceit is a joke now everybody just takes it as a trolling site to find a game with a normal team is like 1 in a milion its sad that faceit is doing nothing against it but monay is more important


yeah, pretty much every game is either a smurf or afk or is so laggy to the point of being a handicap