Feedback on the new update



First I want to say that I really have liked the services that you provide in the past. I have over 2200 matches played in faceit, most of them with a stack of 5 players. The new update (February 1st) has ruined the service for me and my group of friends.

Getting rid of the server vetoes:

I understand that you tried to get rid of one guy ruining the vetoes so he would have the best ping for himself and the rest of his team is shit out of luck and there for decide to dodge. But there has to be a problem with the system if we have German server in a game where is only swedes and finns.

Getting rid of stacks vs solos:

This is the biggest issue that I have with the update. We played 7 games today and 4 of them were very badly balanced and the rest 3 weren’t that great either. This means that we don’t have close games. We get run over or we run over the other team. We don’t get the thrill of a close games which is the reason I play this game. This update plummeted the match quality for us. Seems like that the system emphasizes the stack sizes compared to elo-rating too much.

Pictures of the teams of one day:

This was similar yesterday as well. Isn’t the premium queue enough for people who want to play as a solo? There you can’t queue as a stack of 5 and can’t encounter them. I have nothing playing against a full stack with my stack but the difference in skill is too much. I have to say that I would probably change to another service provider if I had a choice.

I haven’t played premium queue after the patch but I assume that Molotov team damage and the level gap are good updates.