FBI / Report system simply doesn't work


There was a time when we could call live admin who could come into game, witness the toxic and issue a ban.

We now have a system where it allows people to throw games and be toxic AS LONG as they do it every now and then.
If a user players fine for 9 games and completely throws the 10th - He will not get punished for that game at all.

There is no evidence or statement saying how many are banned due to toxic behaviour. The system falls on deaf ears and this will just encourage this type of behaviour.

Over the past week, I have, on average, reported 2 players PER GAME for toxic on premium queue.

It’s disgusting. Pointless and really not sure where my subscription is being used. I have since stopped it after over 2 years.



I agree, the current FBI / report system is not efficient enough and even orders invalid cooldowns. People do not get punished for being toxic/verbal douchebags. But people get cooldowns because they are muting those people instead, ha.

The thumb up system is non-existent because people do not simple care about it.
Thumb down system is only existent for those who get personally flamed or attacked by team members and the rest doesn’t care because it’s not pointed towards them. I can elaborate why the system is bad at the current stage but i think people are already aware of this, so is faceit staff but they refuse to acknowledge it. Which is straight out bad.


FBI so bad, i got a warning for nothing. please look the entire match if u don’t trust me but FBI on faceit sucks so much

my Ingame name is : feco

THE GAME : https://s3.amazonaws.com/faceit-puppeteer/prod/csgo/829135ba-38ae-41bc-8ea7-10f6f663ed2e/829135ba-38ae-41bc-8ea7-10f6f663ed2e.dem.gz


still going on.


ITS NOT WORK BECAUSE FACEIT SUPPORT IS USELESS ppl brake rules and faceit do nothing with it