FBI and Trust Factor



So recently I had an awesome match and played like s1mple on steroids, seriously, I was hitting every single shot. Surely I got reported x5 by the opposing team for cheating and lost 100 FBI score, which resulted in me being prohibited from queuing for 24 hours. My thoughts on this; FBI score should not be affected by cheating reports.

A possible revisited system would include a Trust Factor. Just like Valve did. By splitting cheating and behavioural reports the data that is created is much more useful. The Trust Factor would be a metric only visible to FACEIT and should affect match-ups. Recently created steam accounts, low amount of CSGO hours, and receiving cheating reports would qualify for low trust. Based on these metrics a match can be much more enjoyable, seat low trust with low trust, and trusted players with trusted players.

At least don’t ban players from queuing for being reported for cheating when they aren’t cheating.

Thanks for reading and I hope this will get picked up.


Im fascinate about the FBi system which is sort of low for me, and i’m not toxic except for when i become counter-toxic after being personally attacked for 8-10 rounds the few times that happens, and im a helpful guy that gives tips to new players etc and i dont ragequit but my FBI index still gets affected sometimes.

The way i know myself i would have that bar set to 90% but appearantly people like to downvote people without a plausible reason and that is the bad thing about the system. My reports are always correct and i try to add information whith detauiled info about how and why i concider people to be an afker/leaver/verbal/toxic and i dont just report people for friendly fun banter i do it when they go over the line and ruin the game for the team and/or both teams or if they bring race or religion into the trashtalk.