False ban and im unable to get through to an actual person

Faceit Name - Remade
I play CS:GO, me and my friends would regularly play on faceit together. This was fine i played from 2016 to early 2018 (quit in May 2018) in this time playing roughly 160 matches also used the beta faceit client in this time. I Quit all PC games at this time and sold my pc.

Whilst i was quit one of my friends that i used to play with got banned. (KennyJJJ)

  • accepted into beta client and proof we played together / only allowed 2 links so had to merge 2 screenshots into 1 https://prnt.sc/p1s4jd

(hes currently unbanned on that account now ended a few months back
hes been banned on multiple account ironicly none of them were banned for ban evasion and just banned for cheating on each temporarily )

So nearly a year or so goes by and at this time i get accepted into university so im looking to buy some new PC parts and my friend ross (KennyJJJ) said he would sell his Motherboard, CPU and ram to me as he no longer played aswell. This is fine i build my new PC with his old parts I move to my university dorm room and play 2 games of faceit first 2 games in nearly a year and i get banned for “Ban evasion” permenantly however ive never played csgo on another faceit account.

Only other faceit accounts ive had is for Batallion 1944 and in the faceit rules im allowed to play that game on another account as long as i dont link csgo this was after the ban evasion ban.


I have tried to appeal this ban for 8 months now, I am getting no where same reponses every time i submit a ticket “Your account has displayed behaviour indicative of ban evasion”.

I am unable to prove my innocence as when i asked for the name of the original account banned they are unable to give it to me for “privacy reasons” however theyre saying its my account so it doesnt make sense.

I am not being heard out fully and being labled as a “cheater” for a false detection.

Im just looking for someone to help me out in proving my innocence as i really enjoy faceit and this ban is hindering my progression as a csgo player.

Having played with Remade over the past years I can confirm hes not a cheater, or a griefer. Hes a really good gamer across various of games with cs being one of them ,and theres no doubt that this ban is false when it wasnt a straight cheat ban but a ban for ban evasion. It will mean a lot if someone really looks into this post