Fake Accounts to Boost Ladder Points


I reported a player who obv. created up to 15 Fake Accounts to trigger Danger Zone Games and boost his Ladder Points to win a PC weeks ago.
Faceit banned all his Fake Accounts but not the Real player who used them to abuse the Ladder.
People say that Faceit will ban him after the Ladder is over so they dont have to sent the PC to a winner.
Is that how Faceit works or does the 2nd Place win the First Price even if the ladder is over already?

(Some of his Fake Accounts had a similar name to the person and some even had him in the Friendslist thats why Im sure that he created them)

Thanks for some more Informations :wink:


Multiple accounts are not permitted on FACEIT so the user will be left with one account active and any multiple account banned.


But the only Reason why he is on Leaderboard Rank 1 are his Fake Accounts, most of the times only 2 Players connected to the Game cause his Fake Accounts tooked all the Space in the queue…


Just play the game! Stop think about stuff you dont need to.