Facit Behavior Index - How it can be improved




First off, my understanding of the FBI:

  • The index starts off att 1000
  • It goes down when you get “thumbs down”
  • It goes up when you get “thumbs up”

The problem here is that there’s no motivation/reward for giving a player “thumbs up” and as a reaction to that the only time someone decides to use that feature is when they’re either tilted or the reported player actually has a bad persona.

So in hindsight you contine to get reported because players can’t keep their cool (hopefully) but you never get rewarded for playing “ok”. That is why I’d like to propose a change to the system (if I’ve understood it correctly).

To change it so that you can still give a player “thumbs up” if you want AND that you get X many points in the behavior index for each completed match.

I’d like to have the system explained more in detail if this isn’t the case.