Faceitstats.com - advertising boosting site?



It looks like the website https://faceitstats.com that uses faceit api to show players stats and elo is also advertising a csgo boosting service which have in offer a faceit boosting too… Why do you accept such activities? From what I know faceit is strongly against every boosting ladders activities, which is written in faceit rules. And in the other hand you support the website with your api that is promoting a boosting service? That’s stupid and I really hope you only do that because you didn’t know… In my opinion this website should’ve blocked access to the api or you should tell them to stop advertising these stuff.

Also its not Google ads or any other ads that are based on cookies for which owner doesnt have full control, but its an obvious deal between faceitstats and the boosting service - you can check the link to the ads, it’s looking different than normal ads and it display everytime, no matter if you clear cookies or not. So basically the faceitstats.com support the faceit boosting service. Are you sure you should allow them access to the api and support them if they don’t respect your rules and statements about boosting?

I think faceit should do something with that…

Kind Regards