Hi there!
I have emailed faceit support to gain access to faceit API. They redirected me to this forum.
I need faceit API for creating a website that checks faceit level and statistics.

If i am mistaken for asking this here, please redirect me to correct forum :smiley:



Hey @Ciasto_Lorde - In this blog post you can find how to apply for API access!

Developer Tools Private Beta
Over the past couple of years the nerdiest of you have been playing around with our APIs to build your own software. The problem is that those APIs are meant for internal use and can therefore i) change very quickly and ii) block calls that may be “fraudulent”. Given all the feedback we have seen on this we have decided to open to the community a set of APIs and developer tools that can make your life significantly easier.
With this first private release we are opening two main tools:

FACEIT Connect: This is the FACEIT OAuth, which allows to verify the users’ identity on FACEIT.
Data APIs: these are a set of APIs that have been used by a number of corporate partners to retrieve FACEIT information over the past years. The advantage of this set of APIs is that we maintain and version them to improve stability of third party tools.
While we keep working on adding more data and additional tools, if you wish to test the current tools you can apply for the private beta here.
Remember, while the portal is accessible, this is still a private beta phase. Be merciful and let us know what else you would like to see on our developer forums.


I applied for beta almost a month ago and I got no answer… Will I be able to get access to your private beta? I need it because I am creating a project for university, creating a webpage where you can check FACEIT statistics. As a front-end developer and gamer since childhood It would be dream come true…Moreover, I will report all the bugs(if I find any). I need to know if it is possible because I have not much time left and need to show my progress for my lecturer. Need answer as fast as possible. Thank you!


Hi wosakk,
you can access the FACEIT DATA API through the Developer Portal.
You have to create an application and then your own credentials.
We are interested in your project and feedback on our tools.
I am going to follow up with you by email.