Jamais je payerais pour jouer sur votre faceit de merde, vous pouvez clairement aller vous faire enculé, je reste sur esea. mauvais serveur, mauvais reglage, mauvais anticheat… bref, faceeit, c’est de la grosse merde, merci aurevoir.


The forum is English only :no_good_man:t2:


I have translated your post and we are sorry that we cant satisfy your needs, Our anticheat is great and our team is always working on updating and keeping the server up to the clients needs.

Hope to see u soon again maybe you change your mind. You dont have to pay to play on our servers on other servers YOU HAVE TO PAY i will not name which you know which.



Hey @OpioR - As other users have said, this forum is English only. I’m closing this post. If you’d like to submit another one in English, please feel free!