FACEIT Webhooks user_id



The documentation on webhooks says:
‘You can receive events from this subscription type only if your user_id is actively involved in the events below’

Where does the user_id come from? There doesn’t seem to be mention of it in the ‘Create and manage subscriptions to Webhooks’ section of the developer portal

Does this mean it is specific to the user_id tied to my faceit/faceit developer account? And if so does that mean the webhooks can only be used for matches that I participate in?

Any info to clear this up is appreciated



At the moment the webhooks are available for:

  • matches in which the owner of the account linekd to the dev protal is playing (as you mentioned)
  • matches by organizers linked to that same account (i.e. you have user 1, user 1 own organizer 1 that has hub 1 = you can receive webhooks for all matches happening in hub 1).

This is a first version of webhooks - as we gather more feedback we will be able to improve on this and unlock additional scenarios (the first case of webhooks was really to enable organizers to use them based on their feedback).

If you could share what you’d like to build we can see if it is something we can unlock or in any case put it within our pipeline :slight_smile:


Thanks for the response

My scenario was on the match_finished event to get the demo link and perform some analysis on the demo

I was thinking if it was possible to use webhooks for the matches that are tied to the faceit users on my site but now I see that is not possible or perhaps not even the best approach.

Another approach would be on my end to have some kind of webjob that would pick up any new matches in my users’ history since last updated, then analyse from there using the match demoUrl

The ideal scenario would be webhook to post to my server every time one of my users plays a match on faceit, however this could be a problem if there were many users on my site (not sure how it works on the FACEIT side of things)

One solution would be for my users to join an organisation for my site then use that org for the webhooks?

Either way I’m sure if it is not possible with webhooks currently, I can implement the functionality from my end

Thanks :slight_smile:


Interesting case - I think we could eventually enable a similar scenario.

I’ll ask internally if they have any visibility on this :slight_smile:




oh so thats what organization is on the webhook config. should also have one for teams!