FaceIt Twitter Support


Every time I run into an issue with FaceIT and contact their support via Twitter (which is the ONLY way to get support) I get ignored. I have now been 30 minute banned twice. Once was because there was an update and I had already queued, that was my fault and I understand that. This time it told me my Steam ID wasn’t allowed when I tried to connect to a game. I restarted my game, the FaceIT client, Steam, etc… nothing worked. So here I am again with a 30 minute ban, getting no support. Why would I continue to pay for FaceIT premium after having issues twice in 2 weeks and not receiving any help for either? Just so I can be the captain in non premium games? Sounds like I wasted $20.97.


Sad to hear that but this is reality :frowning:
Faceit before had live Admin support. Miss these days.