Faceit.sys to blue bluescreen


today i cant launch my pc (blue screen) because of faceit.sys , then i got to safe mode to del faceit.sys.

why would this happened? Is it the problem of FACEIT or FACEIT AC ?
so how do i continue playing CSGO on faceit? i dont want to get blue screen again , plz fix this disaster


Ive had the same problem.
Since im not using the launcher i am totally sure that it is caused by the recent update on the faceit AC client.

Not gonna play here until its fixed. This is really messed up.
Destroying peoples windows is probably the worst they could have done , to say the least.
Free months or something like this would actually be an justified demand even doe that would be not much in general.

Backup’s are your friend my friend.


yes ,it happened after the last time i had faceit AC update
I am afraid of faceit now, i wont play csgo on faceit until they fix this ridiculous problem, either


I just had this error pop up but i didn’t have a chance to see what the text was my laptop instantly restarted. all i know is when i opened faceit i got a blue screen and i am not using a cracked vesion of windows. I am running windows 10.