Faceit.sys caused bluescreen


Last time ive played csgo on faceit with AC enabled was jesterday moon.
This morning i was trying to boot my pc and like out of nowhere and for the first time ever ive got a bluescreen stating something about “Faceit.sys”

I could not boot at all, not in safemode, windows repair tool didnt work either so i cant offer you the exact error code for this. All i know is that it was caused by your anti cheat client. im not using the launcher either.

Luckylie i do make backups of my hdd once in a while so it just took me like 30 minutes to get my OS back.
But seriously, for people who cant do so this will have caused a lot of problems.

I hope this wont happen again or ill quit this. It cant be that your anti cheat is completely damaging a windows installation.

Im on 64bit windows 7 no OC and my OS is u2d.
I dont even have other stuff isntalled that could interfere with your client except my anti cheat which has whitelisted faceit.

I could not find a lot of people complaining about this jet but im very sure that its just because you destroyed their OS completely!!!