Faceit.sys BSOD. Computer totally unusable


Hi all, suddenly this morning i was not able to boot my computer, stuck in a windows startup repair loop and occassional BSODs. On the top of the BSOD - it states it is a non paging file error? However when I looked below, it addressed faceit.sys. I was already having errors with the AC since last night where it would automatically close after connecting, leading me to abandon a game.

Highly unlikely that it is a hardware error

I am not able to boot my computer at all, not even in safe mode. I hope there is a way around this.


Pretty ridiculous honestly…would appreciate some form of compensation


Oof. Sounds rough OP. Let us know if anything turns up about the cause/solution please. It sucks it happened to you, but you could help someone in the future. Try checking with the FACEIT report issue team. Alex is normally really good about getting back to people via EMAIL. Good luck brother, hope to see you pugging again soon.