Faceit.sys - AC Anti-Cheat blue screen


I posted yesterday to another topic and i can see that many people still experience the same issue like i did. I installed the ac anti-cheat from faceit and i got a big blue screen error which almost made me to format my entire hard drive. I managed to type the commands and remove faceit.sys from my computer however, i still want to see how we can install and make it work in order to start playing.

I subscribed to one of the leagues and obviously, i did it to be able to play and not to complain about it on forum. Having said that, i really need one of the admins to step up and give us a solution. I raised a complaint with the support team and my ticket number is 763424.

Keep in mind that i run a cracked version of Windows 7 (Pro)

Let me know if there is any solution for this error and how we can get around it. Thanks