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Bunch of *** honestly. Im sorry to say that. Guys banned me from contacting live support. The support guy said to send a ticket and noone is even replying to my tickets :smiley: got banned cause I got timed out when I was also the captain but can’t even contact anyone cause some idiot doesn’t get jokes :((( so here is your feedback. you all *** suck.

[CLOSED] Facit's supports are Humans

Call live Admin if you were captain. Simple as that. Support wount remove your ban because thats ur responsibility to be up to date.


How can I call live support if you banned me from live support? I sent tickets. alot. What do you have? like lacking people to do their job or what? Or are you ignoring me for a reason? Its not simple as that.


ye you are so smart


and ofc it was my fault that I got timed out. yup. all my fault. Got timed out and couldnt connect back. thats all my fault. ty


System will ban players for mistakes they made. No one gonna remove bans or sit every day to monitor bans.

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