Faceit stop laggin as f



2 days,2 f days faceit is lagging asf,who will return our days for missions?noone?oh thank u faceit.


All CIS community has problem with CONNECTION TO FACEIT






Hi @meatcs - Have you tried accessing FACEIT via a different browser? I’d like to know if this is a software issue (caused by addons etc.) or a routing issue before I pass it on to our team.


yes,i did.


if u didnt understand, ALL CIS,CIS u know wat is it CIS?ALL CIS commnity cant connect to FACEIT




I spoke with our team and, after investigating the issue further, it seems that it is as we expected - a routing issue. Unfortunately, we cannot fix this immediately as we need to reach out to third-parties where the routing issue is occurring. We’ll have it fixed ASAP, but this is a case of “Please try again later”.

Apologies for the inconvenience and thanks for you continued patience.

Faceit anticheat can't be update