Faceit should not give the elo to the guy that got kicked in a pug on PREMIUM



I am the OP of the reddit post https://www.reddit.com/r/GlobalOffensive/comments/963sr3/faceit_should_not_give_the_elo_to_the_guy_that/ , and because I care about FACEIT, I decided to create an account to this forum and forward this issue with you guys as well.
In premium, especially at higher ranks, playing with a toxic guy who screams and throws every round, it’s impossible to play with, so sometimes, sadly, we have to kick him. That happened last night as well, when we were playing a chill game and having fun, and 1 teammate decided to be racist and toxic. We decided to kick him, and we had to try hard in 4 to win the game, but after the game I realised that he will receive as well the elo that we worked our asses off to win. I think this is not fair and it should be changed. IMO the best is that someone that is kicked, to not receive the elo from the win, but the - elo from the lose. In PREMIUM, because there are 3 man queue only, there is impossible to kick someone without a reason. I have never seen trollers stack that decides to kick someone that plays his game and is not toxic.
I only hope this thread doesn’t die, and we can resolve this issue. You are too good of a platform to not fix this issue as well.
The room of the match- https://www.faceit.com/en/csgo/room/988bd1b9-6e08-4faf-ac1d-1508ad1d35a9/scoreboard


absolutely agree with you. we was losing 4-7 because the guy who just trolled and was very toxic, after we kicked him we started to play much better and won 16-13. And he get 29 elo for doing nothing.