FaceIt Shop


In the FaceIt Shop, the Counter Strike section has been empty for over a week already.
Every item is out of stock for a really long time already.
Now I know it says that they are working on replenishing the shop, but this is taking a really long time already.
Not sure when this will get fixed


I spoke with the team, and they said that the shop was restocked at the start of the month - it just sold it out really quick this month.

It is usually restocked near the start of each month.


Alright, might want to update the FAQ section about that then.https://gyazo.com/ffe4240feb67f42bde7e003c1d42f9af


Hmm, let me speak with the team again then. This was about a week ago, so will check with them.

EDIT:// It seems the FAQ is partially correct here. It depends on the item. Some items are stocked more often than not (the skins are more often). Keep an eye out :slight_smile:


A week? That’s cute. Smite’s been empty since the end of January XD


soon such will not be playing smite on the new faceit ladders do not add! shop empty for more than a week already


can you find out when the product will be replenished, the store skins and stones ? just the shop was empty since February 28, March 14 and still it isn’t replenished ? is that okay ?

What if the item I want to purchase is out of stock?

In the FACEIT Shop we have listed on how many items are left of the product, if it is out of stock we are already in the process of getting it back in our inventory. We advise to keep an eye out on the shop in 1 to 2 business days.

even if we remove the weekends that it’s 10 business days!!