Faceit Server | doens't regist



My bullets do not register on faceit servers. My opponents see me first, i don’t know why i have some delay. i shot on body, clean shot, and didnt regist. i have more performance on mm servers 64tick than faceit servers 128tick. Sometimes is almost impossivel to play. Normaly i have 40/60 ping but still cant hit a thing. why is that happening? cl_interp? rates? I use the regular rates … every pro player uses that. rate 786432 | cl_interp_ratio 1 | cl_interp 0 | cl_interpolate 1| cl_cmdrate 128 | cl_updaterate 128. when i play on dm servers, its a ridiculous diference of performace, i can hit every single shot, but on faceit server, i cant.

BTW its not a net problem : 100Mb Download | 100Mb Upload