Faceit sensitivity problem


I play Faceit, I recently noticed a problem with the sensei. I go to the match, FPS 200-300. I drive with my mouse and feel the slowdown of the mouse. After I switch to CS GO - everything is fine the first time, then the mouse again starts to lag. In MM did not notice this. On the maps from the workshop everything works fine. The essence of the problem is that the mouse slows down by itself, without loss of FPS. Sometimes small podsony on the warm-up. - Google Translate


Hey can you try disabling all non microsoft services and programs in msconfig and see if this helps?


I disabled a couple of applications. A service can be disabled by Intel?


This is not msconfig, please use msconfig.


In msconfig, the same as here. I opened the msсonfig and all the services that I turned off turned off. Like did not notice the problem anymore. thanks for the help