Faceit! sea




This is feedback for South East Asia FACEIT!

Considering no one is willing to fix Kuwaits issues to the DU Datacenter i figured i would play on SEA, with 120ping no problems.

Every game i play, someone with lvl2 account and no anti cheat on keeps carrying with a new account?

I don’t understand what seems to be the reason behind not enforcing anti cheat on all players? its a small scene in SEA, i don’t see how problematic it could be to protect the integrity of the game? always someone carrying a group of his friends with a lvl2 account, whether he is cheating or just purely smurfing why don’t you just put everyone at rest and enforce anti cheat? especially with the huge number of cheaters here?

I understand why you don’t want to go with the higher cost option which could save everyone in middle east servers but at least allow us to play a decent game at SEA.