Faceit putting me on foreign servers

Hi guys,
My friend and I are trying to play free faceit in Australia, but so far, except for one time, we get placed in a game in europe with 400 ping. We have to leave and its lowering our rating everytime. We have only tried playing the free version of faceit 4 times, and only once we got with Australians. We don’t have high ping in MM and live in big cities with decent internet. How can we fix this?
Any help appreciated.

Hi @Sanctum1510,

This can happen when the player who joins the queue has the wrong region set up in their profile. I have checked one of your games (the only one visible in your CS:GO stats) and the player you queued up with has the wrong region set or at least it seems so. It looks like it is set to EU instead of OCE.

The game region can be changed here: https://www.faceit.com/en/settings/games

Good luck!