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I solo que a lot so I am speaking from my experience. Faceit premium needs to be changed to only solo ques for lvl 10’s. There isnt the skill depth to balance the teams correctly for the point system. What usually happens is that you get 3 lvl 10s queing together and then I verse them and am usually the only lvl 10 on my team. Most of the time its like a 5 elo loss and a 40 elo win. The elo system is fine. But this rigs the point system for master league premium. You get agmm, Base, and jojo queing together and there is like no chance of beating 3 mdl players. Since I solo I am never with the stacks and always against them.

This issue doesnt occur in the free ladder because there are enough players searching to balance the teams correctly. However, due to the lower amount of high skill players in premium, a substantial amount of the time its 5 elo loss or a 40 elo gain sort of situation (when you have high elo). And in a ladder where you are playing for points and a ranking then the teams should be relatively more balanced.

I hope this makes sense and I am writing about this because ive noticed its not by chance anymore as I have got to know the people who que together.

I think making it so lvl 10s can only solo que the teams will be more easily balanced.



We have recently changed the premium queue, please take a look at our latest blog post where it answers your question:

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