Faceit Premium


So sad the toxicity and people’s ego is getting in the way of enjoying games. I am stuck in LVL 1. Will I ever rank up from here? No. It is never happening. Solo queuing is the worst possible experience. If you want to play better games you have to rank up. But it is impossible. I am always getting matched with someone who is not willing to communicate, has an ego that’s over the roof or just a leaver. Other team seems to have a hard carry guy who is always running his “anti-silver” strats peeking random angles at random times. There is no way to improve. Stuck in elo hell. Please send help.

For anyone in a similar situation: “I feel you, bro. Come join ESEA.”


just try to find anyone to play with even some people you are playing with on 1lvl on faceit may be better than his faceit rank so just add them and play with them simple there is many websites even on facebook for teams on faceit and actually many people are looking for people with 1/3lvl on faceit