Faceit premium terrible experience


Hello there,

Faceit premium has been an absolute shitshow for me.
To even be able to play, it took me 2 hours after 5 matches someone wasn’t connecting.
Then after I finally was able to play a few matches, every single one has been against premades.
I had a better community experience with both matchmaking and ESEA.
So what is all the hype about?

  1. Faceit should ban users longer for not connecting
  2. Faceit Premium only allows premades to be up to 3 people.
  3. I haven’t had this bad experience before, might just be bad luck.


yeah i just bought mine for 1 month aswell and it takes forever to find games and the games i do get in people either dont join or just generally toxic as hell. I bought faceit to get better and i play around gold nova 4 rank and its just either people raging and calling me the N word etc or just screaming since round 1. Im pretty sure i wont renew but ill see how the rest of the month goes.