Faceit Premium, people leaving games etc



This is probably quite a common topic here i would think but i just want to know peoples feedback on it, for those of us who take gaming seriously and want to win, and pay monthly for our premium/supporter subscriptions, why should we be penalised when some crying child who cant handle the fact we lost the first round in the game leaves? at times in the past yeah i have come back from 4v5 to win, but more than likely after that person leaves you can pretty much assure that the game is a loss. these 2 hours or whatever bans are pathetic, thats why people do it because they know they can play again later the day, why not perma ban them? i lose out on elo playing a 4v5 because some little whining kid cant hack getting beat, Perhaps bring a new system in? where the game automatically pauses and a solo player in Q joins the game? surely theres something simple that can be put in place cos this is occurring more and more and im getting sick of it, i dont know why i pay anymore.


Having someone leave doesnt autimatocally mean that you will lose…

And just FYI if someone leaves and get a 2 hour ban and then continues to leave games they will be rendered unable to join FaceIT games for longer times every time they leave.

And you dont loose elo because someone leaves the game, you lose ELO because you lose the game. It’s faaaar from impossible to win with a bot in the team. (voice command-> Hold this position is a good tip just in case you had missed it)

Theres No way you can be sure that someone wont leave a game no matter if you are using a free account or a paying customer, because you know, peoples computers can freeze, people can ragequit, and people can be general assholes no matter if you pay to play or not-


your reply didnt help in the slightest, i think you will see that i said your more than likely going to lose the game, when someone leaves so early in the game, simple thing to do, pause the game and let a solo join so the game isnt played 4v5, i never said its impossible to win a 4v5 i even said ive won a few, yes we lose elo because we lost the game and 99% the reason for losing was having 4 people, your reply was actually so pointless haha


Hi @ReleNtless1g

As for your feedback about ban length, cooldowns for leaving the game range from 30 minutes to 2 weeks. If you want to know more, please take a look at:
FACEIT Banning Policy
Automated Temporary Cooldown System

As for your suggestion, it is interesting, but I think noone should be forced to join an ongoing match. Therefore, if such system was implemented, players should have a choice whether they want to be used as “a substitution” or not.

The next question is who and why would want to join an ongoing match and play it with a possible few rounds disadvantage and how FACEIT could encourage players to join a queue with such “feature” enabled.


Maybe offer extra faceit points for players who do the most “sub” roles for that month. I’m sure plenty of people would love to jump into a game right away.