FACEIT premium not worth with this problem



Hello faceit,
I would appreciate if there was a way to play 5v5 premade premium. I understand why there was a change on the normal premium with people abusing kicking etc. But when the only way of earning ladder points is to play 5v5 premium and the only way of playing with more friends is to give up that option of earning points and play versus people who occasionally haven’t bought, I wonder why people should even bother to pay for faceit when they don’t benefit from 5v5 premade. (If they want to play 5v5 premade ofc)
I would understand if there was another reason to this but in my opinion and logic you guys would only earn more money if there were more benefits for people with premium, if that makes any sense.
Kind regards Mr Ompalompa


Hi @HusMorot - I don’t entirely follow what you mean. You can still earn points in 5v5 Premium Premade?