Faceit premium, match connecting problem, community/admin help, bug/technical problem



First of all, Im sorry to start my first Post here like this but maybe on this way the Problem can be fixed.

I just opened a Support Ticket because I have Problems Connecting to Matches on FACEIT Premium for the 3rd Time. I will paste what I wrote so ist easier I think.



This is the 3rd time I get banned/cooldown for “not connecting” to the Server…
First time the cooldown ended because the cooldown-time was over,
then it happened again a few days after the first time, again I wrote a Support Ticket. I got unbanned from an Admin (Hours later or even the next day) after i got it, so i obviously had no Chance to keep on playing that day
Now it happened the 3rd time… The First Connect-try it said No User logon, I tried again and again.
And AGAIN, when only like some seconds are left to connect, it works, of Course to late!!
I want to Play, there is no reason for me to not join the Serve, I also said this last time but I buy Premium to avoid Things/cases like this…
ALSO the Time from Cooldown/Ban now is 6 Hours, I know it will get higher/longer after more times but I tried everything to connect! THIS IS NOT MY FAULT so its just annoying and unfair to get banned due to some Problems from your Page or whatever. I really like playing on FACEIT but everytime i got a Match im Scared that this will happen again so I Need to switch to this full of Cheater or Kids Matchmaking System.
If this will happen again and again, one day i will get banned for like days or weeks.
And why i receive this huge cooldown time if ist not my Fault it shouldnt get higher!!
In all 3 of this Cases i was only able to Connect when there were like a few Seconds left to join the Server.
And again, I Play Premium and now I cant Play anymore.


Dennis Mertens

Did someone have or had this Problem too?
Ist getting really annoying, meanwhile im scared to get banned when searching a Match.
If someone can Help or know what to do i would be very pleased because i like FACEIT but im beginning to think different.


Dennis Mertens “snackbox88”