Faceit premium gamemode


First of all timeouts. I think there should be at least as many timeouts in the premium gamemode as in the free gamemode (in total 4 timeouts) since the current amount in the premium gamemode (one) isn’t enough.

Second of all i think that in the premium gamemode you should be allowed to queue with a full team (5 people) instead of only 3. It’s also really weird for me that in the free csgo gamemode you can queue with a full team, but in the premium gamemode you can only queue with 2 other people.

Also i’m not sure if faceit mentions somewhere that you can only queue with 2 other people in the premium csgo gamemode before buying the csgo subscription, but i purchased the csgo subscription in order to play the premium gamemode with my team and i didn’t know about the feature that you can play only with 2 other people beforehand, so now we have paid for a service thinking we could play it all together, and i am really confused. If you can play the free gamemode in a party of 5 people, why cant you in a paid gamemode aswell?