Faceit premium commutication rule


there has to be some sort of language rule if you whant to play on faceit premium. you must have a microphone and should know how to speak english, many of us are here so whe dont have to get those anoing players that dont speak english or dont have a mic, and play with better players then in mm. there must be some whay that we can change so we dont get players who dont communicate, communication has a very big part in witch team that is going to win or lose, faceit need some sort of restriction when it comes to playing in premium/supporter.
(of corse in the eu region)

Premium requirements!

Adding the caveat of using a microphone, while not unheard of, is still a barrier to entry. If you’re playing Premium, you’ve already paid to be there. It would be unruly for us to then require players to purchase a microphone that is up to a certain standard and actively use it. On top of that, they would then need to possibly learn English (quite a big ask, I’d say!).

With the introduction of Hubs, there are plenty of communities who will require microphone usage as well as only speaking English. Take a look through them and see what you can find!


isnt that a stupid reply? there are players that dont use the mic in premium who pay and ruin the game for those who pay to not get that kind of players. it would not be unruly to uphold a standard, if players dont communicate and buy premium why should you alow that, whats the diffrence between trolling and not communicating at all.

As you said there are plenty of communities/hubs to join so if THEY dont whant to speak english why should i be the one to join a hub. If they dont whant to speak english in the eu region on faceit, then they should either play in a hub with the language they speak or not play faceit at all. my main language is not english its swedish but i dont play faceit and only speaking swedish am i?
If i get players from sweden, norway, denmark or finland on my team then its obvious that we are talking our main language exept finland and some times denmark bcos almost no one can under stand them but almost every player from finland and denmark understands us from sweden and norway and if they dont then we speak english.

as a game that require communacation then why should we not have a requirement to use a mic and speak english. if they have money to play premium then they have money for microphone!