Faceit Premium 5v5


I just got a faceit subscription to play csgo cause a friend said that premium 5v5 is much better than the free version. But so far I can’t seem to find the option to play in a premium 5v5. Even in leagues it just puts me in unranked ladder and the regular 5v5. I’m also supposed to get a badge?


Hi @PrinceN7 - You should have these options under Matchmaking:


Clicking the play button over CS:GO 5v5 Premium will bring up this:

The Ladders are just where your points go and not dependant on who you are matched with.
You also have the Suppport badge, and the Silver league badge on your profile:



@Kaostic i also have the same problem , there are no 5v5 PREMIUM OR 5V5 PREMADE ONLY under Matchmaking,
Is that i supposed to do anything to active it?


@Kaostic Hello?


Hello pls, reply me. i dont want to waste my money


i have the same issue i have premium an i cant play any premium 5v5 theres nothing there for me to click is it because im in aus


Same issue here!


It depends on which region you are in!


My region is Europe / Germany? Is there no option to play 5vs5 premium with 4 or 5 pre mates?


They updated match algorithm. Just play 5V5 party and you will be playing with same stack or close to it.


But i purchased premium because of anti cheat and now i can’t use that. Where is the logic?


With FACEIT CSGO subscription you can play free matches or premium matches.

Makes no sense.


I prefer premium over free because anti cheat is activated. But i can’t to this, because then, the party “is too big”. I don’t get the sense of that.


You still gonna need AC for premium matches!


Yeah! But i CAN’T play premium matches because the matchmaking DOES NOT allow it with 4 or more pre mates!
And when you spent money for FACEIT CSGO there is not even a little hint, that this is limited to 3 pre mates!!!



U can play 5v5 with 2,3,5 mates only