Faceit points Help

So i subscribed to faceit CSGO only. Can i earn faceit points?

There points given out each month for placing in the top of the ladders. Playing free tournaments. Hubs.

And the North American League LOL? What happens is for everyone. and he’s only 1 game figure

What you wanna know?

All players qualify for the league and to calibrate it requires 1 game and only one game is listed in the 14 pts tables nobody passes 14 pts.

They all plaid only one game. The first who get wins is closer to the top. There are no draw.

and premium users? Do not accumulate points x win?

Premium users has same rules as free. Points will grow for each win.

It is not like that, nobody passes 14 pts check the number of games of the month and nobody passes the 14 and only 1 game appears

Mby because no one plaid more than one game. NA is not EU where there are 10k+ players to play with!