Faceit Points For Griefing



So i came up with this idea wrote a ticket and they told me to post it here.
What Do you guys think if u have a player that is trolling your game , costing you to lose elo
league points and stuff like that, i know u can report them so they get banned but what do we get? we get nothing, we dont get our elo back we dont get our time back we dont get our points back, so my idea was to faceit that we should get , atleast faceit points , as an compensation the amount should be decided by faceit.
Cause this just doesnt seem fair, as we pay for premium to have better experience, enough that we get random players in our team like it should be that gold league players get gold league players as teammates and enemies,diamond with diamond , master with master . As its pretty annoying for both sides when people with higher level get some level 5s in the team silver league etc. Thank you for reading this have a nice day !


Level fives arent that bad, but I get your point +1