Faceit Points & Fake Faceit Premium


1. I didnt receive Faceit Points yet (it’s almost 3 weeks already since i won arcana SF Ladder)
Ladder: https://beta.faceit.com/en/dota2/event-modal/dfe9c2d3-2638-4a27-b2ae-6437df34526e [21 Dec 2017 - 18:00 - 22 Dec 2017 - 00:00 | 124 / 100,000]

I have submitted a ticket already and your staff cant solve this problem (or maybe lazy)
My Ticket Number: Request #364442

My all notifications:

this is very weird, usually points are given 2 hours after the event ends. but i didnt receive it till now.

2. I got this email this morning, that my account was getting premium. But when I check my account still not premium yet.

My Faceit account: https://beta.faceit.com/en/players/bbthegreat

Help Mr.@Kaostic

thank you.


Have you tried to log out and then back again to see if you have premium?


Hi @bbthegreat - In relation to your first request, I’ve spoken to the support team and they have told me that they are already in talks with you (and have been since Dec 29th).

As for your second, the email you received isn’t a fake. At the moment, anybody that is awarded premium for the Unranked Monthly Ladder receives this email (which will be getting changed to remove confusion! (you’re not charged)).

You received Premium yesterday for placing 5th in this Monthly Unranked Ladder. I’m looking into the issue now as to why it’s not awarding you Premium, as I have quite clearly set it to award it to you!

Apologies if you receive a handful of e-mails saying you have another month of premium as I’m going to have to cancel and add it a few times.

EDIT:// You’ve now got Premium :slight_smile:


@Kaostic thank you so much sir. now ive got my premium.
and about my first case. your staff replied me already.

thank you!


now i have the same problem can you help me my profile https://www.faceit.com/en/players/FiestaFullan