Faceit pls fix thiss pls!


When I log in to my faceit client its all good,and then when I have to turn on my facet anti cheat client and when I start my game it all gets messed up my game (CSGO in this situation) fps goes like 15-20 and when I move with my mouse its very laggy and I cant play.Please be polite and respond faster and fix this bug or I don’t even know what it is, because I want to play FACEIT so bad :smiley: . Thank you! <3


Please read this support article:


FPS drops/stutter when using the mouse and/or keyboard

This is likely caused by a file being blocked by the AC that is constantly trying to reload into the game, and thus cause stuttering. Your debug.log file in %appdata%/FACEIT/FACEIT Client will give you information about which file has been blocked. Read below about how to deal with blocked files.

This could also be caused by having -high in your Steam game launch options. It is not recommended to use this launch option, as it can mess up with the Windows process scheduler and cause some mouse lag issues for some people.

Wrong GPU used on dual GPU laptops, resulting in low FPS

The game might start on the wrong GPU in some cases, when using the AC. You might need to force the usage of the Nvidia/AMD GPU instead of the Intel one on the FACEIT AC (faceitclient.exe) and/or the game, to make sure the game starts on the right one. You can do this through the Nvidia/AMD control panel.


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