Faceit please fix your matchmaking system

So i’ve played faceit for a long time but finally decided to go back to ESEA. There a quite a few reasons for that but i’ll go through just a few.

1. When you play games in faceit you expect people around your own skill level (because that is what matchmaking with ranks is supposed to do). But this is not actually what will happen. Most likely it is going to be an unbalanced game where there are some very obvious better players and very obvious worse players.

For example: I played my last game today and was really hoping to finally get a balanced team. But after every round i began to wonder if that is actually the case. It seems that there were 2 guys in my team including me that actually knew what the button shift meant. Something even mg’s in matchmaking often know. But ok maybe it’s just the level i’m playing on that has a bit more less experienced players. No, that is not the case. Because even on higher ranks there are always 2 to 3 people that play really well and 2 that just are playing in way too high of a rank.

In short the system you are using is based on teamskill. Not on individual skill. But your rank is supposed to show the amount of individual skill. This is not a very logical system to me. Since it makes the ranking just blatent luck. i’ve seen people with 900 hours in lvl 8 that basically can’t get any kills at all. And i’ve seen players with 3k +hours that are playing excellent and get a solid 30 frags in lvl 2 and 3. Hello? how does that make sense.

Here ESEA brought in the system of not rewarding people that play in stacks as much and RWS. This makes the rewarded elo after a win more bound to your actual skill level. Instead of just giving everyone the exact same elo like they do in Faceit free and Faceit premium.

2. The Faceit server are having a lot more lag spikes and downtime then the ones of ESEA. Sure they also have less players but that is no excuse since that is where scaling is supposed to come in.

3. ESEA has something really nice called the ESEA league. This allows teams on the platform to be rewarded by playing in leagues. That is something you don’t have in Faceit. Sure there are hubs and all but these are often in smaller scale and also very often cost money even if you have faceit premium which makes really expensive to have premium and play in hubs with rewards.

Hopefully the faceit devs read this and agree that there has to be a more individually skill based system. Even another matchmaking mode for only solo players with it’s own rank would be really nice.