FACEIT player statistic comparison and monitoring: Statistics Overhaul



Good morning,

Firstly, great job on the FACEIT client (ignoring the increasingly rarer few who are happy to throw a game as if they have unlimited time in a day) it still remains a service that I enjoy playing solo and with friends and intend to stick with.

I was wondering if there were any thoughts in the works as to adding a feature whereby one would be able to say select a, friend / player / multiple players / team , (which I’ll call X for simplicity) and then (like the stats page for each individual user profile) be able to see a summary of all games played with X, regardless whether X is a teamate of yours or not.

As an extra to this, why stop at player-player statistics, with 5v5 premade queues and other ‘team’ (or mix) leagues and ladders such a feature would save having to scroll down pages of recently played matches and simply show you performance statistics as a team against other teams to allow you to have a greater understanding of where you’re doing well and what teams are beating you; therefore either study or try to play them more if you’re looking to improve. The current team page statistic information feels a bit clunky with the player elo/stat charts being one by one, in addition to this, the current team pages require users to actually form a team in the first place where this is not always the case. Therefore by being able to select the players to use for comparison individually it allows for mix-teams or newly formed (therefore no FACEIT team page yet created) teams to monitor their stats.

I think this would be a useful feature, not only because it allows for more detailed stats between friends (who plays better with/than who etc) for some extra competition, however it should also provide some benefit for those who are looking to start a team and trying out team chemistry in pugs as it will give a clear indicator, statistically as obviously teamplay is not centered on stats, as to who performs better in certain roles or playing with certain people.

Finally, the third benefit that comes to mind is that it could provide an almost ‘rivalry’ system; what I mean by this is a seperate statistic page that instead of showing stats from games played with specific certain individuals, it would have two sections: Player(s) who are your ‘rivals’ for the month (i.e they have the best stats or W/L% playing against you) and those who you have been dominating this month (or however long) thereby players that you’ve done particularly well against.

I believe that this would be a positive quality of life addition to the FACEIT experience, especially in smaller hubs where similar people will play against/with each other a lot more frequently than regular 5v5 free or premium matches. Obviously not everyone will want this ‘rivalry’ feature auto enabled, as in cases where someone views the statistic showing which player has had the best results (stats and win/loss) against you, some players may find it demoralising rather than motivational, therefore I believe this final add-on to the feature suggestion be toggle-able on/off.

In addition to this, as a small and not too unrelated extra, I believe it woud be a good idea to be able to have a statistic whereby you set a date/game# range (e.g games played in the last 5 days, or stats from my last 20 matches) and you can see, seperately the grouped stats for the games you won and the games you lost. Then, similar to that on the current player profiles, an option to see the grouped stats broken down into the individual maps played. I strongly believe that this sort of information will be very useful to players who are interested in improving and looking at previous game history to do so as it will clearly show a number of important figures;

  1. -Have they been improving recently over their overall statistics?
  2. -When they win is it their impact that brings the W? (Higher ADR, KPR)
  3. -Are they maintaining similar statistics when winning as when losing? (Are you carrying or being carried when winning or losing)
  4. -Have they been improving recently on certain maps, or on the inverse getting worse on certain maps? (Have you made a playstyle adjustment that one hasn’t had enough time to adjust to, or perhaps it’s just not the playstyle for you)

As a final note that’s come to mind as I finish this, I believe that implementing a feature as I’ve (hopefully clearly) described above will allow for easier monitoring of players who are being boosted by smurfs or cheating accounts as direct stat comparison of those players involved in the boosting should show figures greatly skewed from the norm for whatever ELO they’re playing at, with much higher consistency than that of a player who is ranked too low but working their way towards a more suitable ELO.

And then one last post-feature note that I have been hoping will be implemented for ages, but ADR! When looking at a player’s statistics, W/L is obviously important, KPR again another important statistic, K/D less important but when taken into account with the others yes it’s great to show.
However, why is there no statistic for ADR?
Obviously an extreme example however a player can theoretically achieve a 16-0 win with an ace every single round yet only do a total of 80 damage throughout the entire match if each enemy takes 99 dmg. With current statistics, this player seems incredible where really it’s his team that has done 99% of the work. Sure assists are counted on overall statistics per map but if you’re looking for increased accuracy for player statistics, please include ADR per player as it is probably one of the most important statistics that is so commonly overlooked because it tends not to be as flashy as KDR or HS%.

With all that said and done, yes I know there’s a lot (more than I intended to include by far as options I’d have liked to see implemented kept coming to mind). Thanks for taking your time reading this and I hope this isn’t entirely old news and suggestions that come in every day as I understand the FACEIT staff must be busy, however it would mean a lot to me if someone were to get back to me on this and share their thoughts and opinions on my suggestions.

All the best,