Faceit player ruins game 3 times in a row


hello, faceit. about 3 month ago i guess i played with this player n1ceeek ( i cant post link to his profile so ask me in the answer if u need)
he ruined the game since 5-7 round, running with no gun and with only knife and giving info every round. on the rounds when he had bomb as tt he was always staying t spawn and giving info to enemy. second game i was against him and he did the same so it was an ez game for my team. 5 minutes ago i played match with him and he started to blame after 7th round and did exactly wat i said before. PLS FACEIT CAN U DO SMTHNG WITH HIM BECAUSE IM SO FUCKED UP WITH HIM


All you can do is report him in Faceit room after the game. If you are lucky he can only get 24h ban. Thats it.
90% Faceit don`t take an action.