Faceit Missions


They work just awful. Many of my friends who do not play so often have missions that they cannot fulfill purely physically due to their studies or work (100–200 wins per month). I also have guys like me who play every day many games of the mission for 60 victories for 10,000 points. It’s ridiculous, I buy a premium every month, as I was told in your support that the missions will change sooner or later, but that was a blatant lie. You just tricked me and threw me for money, I was still waiting for cool and interesting missions for a large number of victories, but in the end I was just spending money. You have created a good system of divorce for money in which players who can not play a lot receive missions for 200 victories, and players who play a lot get those who do not make sense) Esea to become better than faceit. Do not cover up with beta testing, you answered me like this a year ago and do it again. This is a blatant lie, you can not test such simple things for more than a year.


People buy Premium to play Premium tournaments and grind missions for points. The whole idea.

What the ESEA can give to you?! Nothing.