Faceit missions help


When will the missions change? I play a lot of face, but why such an injustice I have to win 200 games for 100,000 points and my friend must win 150 games for 350,000 points. is it just unfair to the players when the missions start to change?


Hey @Agaj - Please take a look at our most recent FAQ on Missions:

Why do I not have the same Mission(s) as my friend(s)?

As we are currently in the beta stage for FACEIT Mission, we are still running extensive tests on what works best for the Missions. This may mean that you and your friend(s) may be in different testing groups and therefore receive different missions.

At this time, you cannot change the testing group you are a part of, nor can the Support team.


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hey man is there any way i can get missions ? all of my teammates have them and i really grind cs all day and im the only one without themi really hope i could get them


Я со своими друзьями купил премиум аккаунт 4 октября, у друзей есть миссии у меня их нет!!!
Сейчас у вас нет доступных миссий. Возвращайтесь позже!