Faceit mission scamm


hi i had 219 wins of 250 in the mission and on the forum faceit admins say its not just for the first is for everyone who get the mission finish get 1 pc i have proof of them i will go to
lawyer because its not my fault if they translate wrong or i dont even know because in my mission was writing exactly this (wer vor dem ende der mission 250 csgo matxhes gewinnt wird mit dem neuen alienware r7 belohnt)

and admins say in forum that is an special action from alienware and everybody who finished it will get one and now that write me the support

but lets see what is saying the
lawyer i will update what he say


Thank you for getting in touch.

For this particular mission, it was the first player to reach 250 wins that would receive the prize. As such, it seems that the prize was already won and this is why you have not been able to complete and win the prize.

Thank you,