Faceit Matchmaking Update Questions And Suggestions


I just wanted to write here to ask a few questions about the recent changes that occurred within faceit matchmaking and how teams are balanced. I didn’t see an official release from faceit regarding this update, however, since yesterday all high elo players have been getting matched with similar teams. Where the elo gain and loss is very similar (±20 - ±30). This is different to what it used to be of where 80-90% of games were always +10 and -47 or something like that.

So what I want to ask is why was this change made and are more changes yet to come. I’m curious especially about this purely because of the top 100 ladder for master league. I realise the problems that were there with the old system where lower elo players had to play vs 3 man stack 3k elo+ players and had little chance to win since the teams were so lopsided. However, with this new system, this means that 2k elo players will play vs 2k elo players and 3k elo players will play 3k elo players. And how the master league ladder works is that everyone above 2001 elo is in the league and therefore gets to participate in the ladder to get to top 100 for fpl-c qualifier spot. This will result in 2k elo players (or thereabouts) will get to play vs similar competition and gain same points in the league as the 3k elo players who are playing other high elo players and hence having to play vs better opposition to get the same amount of points.

This will make the top 100 ladder VERY lopsided. Where the lower elo players (for the sake of argument are worse players than higher elo players) will play vs easier opposition as compared to higher elo players. This will result in not the best 100 players competing in the fpl-c qualifier. And hence making the whole top 100 unfair. This is purely my opinion.

A change I would propose to prevent this would be to make the master league a higher elo requirement. Bumping it up from 2001 to something like 2501 or 2701 would be better in determining who should be participating in the top 100 master league. Unless of course, Faceit already has something in mind to prevent this problem.