Faceit Match History


I am trying to get the entire match history for a player in faceit so that i can analyze the data and provide meaningful information.

I am able to use the match history API to bring the data but i am not able to understand the parameters we need to use to get all the match history…

The user profile im getting the data for - https://www.faceit.com/en/players/GoT_SkillZ/stats/csgo this user has 330 matches

this is the first call i make - https://open.faceit.com/data/v4/players/d7f4858b-860d-476d-ac94-0245a1491e26/history?game=csgo&from=1262903415&offset=0&limit=100 (note the from timestamp is from 10years ago as a fail safe)

Here the offset is 0 and the limit is 100 so it should get me the first 100 matches, which it does.

next i offset from 100 - https://open.faceit.com/data/v4/players/d7f4858b-860d-476d-ac94-0245a1491e26/history?game=csgo&from=1262903415&offset=100&limit=100 and it also works and brings back 100 items

So far 200 match items have been returned. Now the problem occurs when i do the next call
https://open.faceit.com/data/v4/players/d7f4858b-860d-476d-ac94-0245a1491e26/history?game=csgo&from=1262903415&offset=200&limit=100 here the offset is 200, however when i make this call it returns only 16 items, whereas it should have returned 300 and then the final call should have returned 30 since the user i linked above has 330 matches played in cs go.

Can someone tell me what am i doing wrong here?

Maybe this will Help you

var timestamp = Math.floor(Date.now() / 1000);

https://open.faceit.com/data/v4/players/' + player_id + '/history', {
		params: {
			game: 'csgo',
			offset: 0,
			limit: 300,	
			from: 0,
			to: timestamp, 

Best regards

i can not set the value of limit over 100, the api doesn’t allow it.