Faceit MAJOR problems --> Improvements for the platform


Faceit which is indeed the best platform out there, still has some huge flaws…

  1. The first would be the support issue… To submit a ticket you would need as it seems, some extraordinary education in computer science because In fact it cant be more complicated then it is now! if you aren’t a Captain for the match you are about to play will say.

  2. Second of all is the matching system…
    I can’t say this enough, that it is absolutely outrageous not to mention ridiculous that a 5 man stack can end up playing egents a full solo que team…
    Faceit has some seriously strong restrictions and rules about “Smurfs” and “Account sharing” etc and still this is a thing? I seriously dont get it?

On any other playform out there, if you are playing as a 5 man stack you Always (not sometimes) but Always end up agents another 5 man stack!.

The reason for this is:

  1. If you are playing as a 5 man stack, you generally know one and other, and you most realisticly play better as a team.
    This gives a serious advantage over the oposing team if they aren’t.

  2. Practice:
    If you are a serious team and want to practice “Scrims” etc, you do want to play agents other preamdes/Teams.

With this said it is no reason why a premade should end up agents solo que opponents.
it only destroys the fun of the game, and people that are trying to gain some elo and push them selves up the rankings, get a serious disadvantage and most likely lose Elo in the process of loosing that game.

However i understand that it is a part of the game, and you should always play as a team regardless if you are premade or not, but this is not a fact, and also not the point.

There is countless times i’ve met and played agents full 5 man stacks, both with and without premades.
And nothing annoy me as much as when you can clearly see people walking around the system and rules about “Smurfing”. and nothing happends.

Let me give an example!

If there is a 5 man stack with two level 10 players, with lets say 2.2k elo + and they play alongside three level 1 with 500 elo and below, it is fairly obvious to me that they are useing the flaws of the system to gain an advantage over the other players. In my own opinion the same as “Smurfiing”

The only way to stop thing like this from happening, is to make a different approach.

Premades should play agents other premades and no one else.
This way Premade’s know that they are 100% sure to face another “5 stack team”
Regardless if they are smurfing or not they will not have the same advantage since they also play agents a team with strats and well cordinated plays.

Today, i solo qued and in 2 matches out of 3 matches i ended up agents this.


Even though we might have been able to win, it is not fun to play.
When you are in a lobby you should not only feel like the teams are balanced,
But they also should be!
Balance should not only be counted in Elo, but also in the number of premades within both teams.
However this is not a fact today and it makes no sense.

I think this effects the platform badly and i do believe that you should do something about this issue.
I am a long standing member of Faceit and i always supports it. but some things needs to change in order to make it perfect and i am sure i am not the only one with those thoughts.

Another “Smaller” issue that i think should be worth considering, is to swap up the Elo-point system a bit.

This is obviously depending on the elo difference, but in those examples we assume that the teams are Perfectly balanced, and so i will give you two examples.

If you loose a match with lets say, 5-16 rounds
You will loose approximately 25 elo.
This makes sense since the other team was beating you fairly easy.

  1. Here comes the weird part!
    If you in another case loose a match with 14-16 rounds
    You still loose approximately 25 elo?

This in my mind can be better developed!

I think it would make alot more sense if you lost, less elo the better you performed in the game.
Remember that it will always be a loosing side, but why don’t make it worth the effort for the players involved if they indeed put up a fight?
I think the community would be better and players would be closer the the rank they truly deserved if this were a thing.

Just think about it!
If you play really good and do everything in your power to win the game,
Maybe You are a key player to hold up your team agents the opposing side.
Or maybe you and your teammates really put a fight, but in the end it just wasn’t enough.

Shouldn’t you get anything for a well played game then?

I meant to say how it works today, it is almost like a slap in the face.

If the case were that you lost less elo the better you performed agents the opponents and the closer the game were to go either way, it would in fact be much more balanced in the ranking sysytem!
This way people wasn’t gonna be stuck in a rank only because of bad teammates or other similar reasons, at the same rate as it is today.

I thank you for the time taken reading this, and i hope that it is something you can use to improve Faceit to an even better platform!

Best regards, Sneaken!