Hi. I have a very reasonable question.
So my friends who start playing faceit already have levels 2-4, but why do I have only lvl 1 and I have played 40 games with 50% winrate. I also have almost 2600 hours on csgo? Please help and explain me the level up system.


New users will get level 4 (as I know) from start because they should play with some sort of experienced players not straight to level1.

Now to facts:

  1. Now you have 607 elo
  2. You need 801 elo for level2
  3. Your lose and win ratio is so low you can`t even get 700 elo

So what should I do? Just win games? and how many exactly?


For each win you can get average +25 elo.
Download this browser extension to track your level etc. https://faceit-enhancer.com/