Faceit level cap in competitive games



Faceit is like 2 years late with this simple fix. There are even other things which can improve casual player experience, but this the absence of level cap in competitive games is pure joke!

This is what i am paying for? Valve was able to understand that cap is needed YEARS ago. Faceit? Naaaah.

I will not even mention that half of my opponents are smurfs with ridiculous stats.
But ye, make hubs, and other pointless features instead of fixing the main thing.
I understand the pool is limited, ill rather wait 3 minutes and find decent game, then get stuck with sh** like on picture.

Where is option to report that player doesnt use microphone. So his personal behavioral index drops significantly? Does it even make(mean) anything? Dont think so.

AND so on, and so on…
Not planning to prolong my yearly premium, cause im tired of this.